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Akpesey: Update from Awutu

David Akpesey is the GCM evangelist at Transformation Christian Church in Awutu.

The following is David's latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Two things to thank God for in the family

1. Thank God for Lina Akpesey for having been posted to do her National Service in Accra. 2. Thank God for good health and traveling mercies and safety of all members of our family.

Two things to pray for in the family

1. Pray for the finances of our family to improve in order to sustain and meet the needs of the family.

2. Pray for Linda to go through her National Service activities successfully without any hindrance.

Two things to thank God for in the Ministry

1. Thank God for making it possible for us to receive two teams of visitors to

our church and School.

2. Thank God for financial support from Dr. Jodie Ferise and her team of donors from the University of Indianapolis to work on the classroom blocks of our school.

Two things to pray for in the Ministry

1. Pray for the spirit of Evangelism for members of the church to win more souls into the church. 2. Pray for more pupils and students to enroll in our school, Christian Transformation Basic School.


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