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April News

Ernest Nyador - Akplale

Thank God for His leadership in March.

Church activities, evangelism, baptism, visitation, and many more were done as usual. However, sadly, the church lost a member whose burial was done on March 26.

I am very grateful to God for protecting my family and ministry in the month of March. Evangelism and all Church activities are going on well.

The Wormenyi and Jetorkoe churches joined the Akplale Church to raise funds to resume the floor tilling works. I request prayers for the congregation to be healthy and protected.

Mathew Nwedo

Greetings from Mathew Nwedo, a church planter committed to serve the living God among the people of the Chakali. Glory be to our heavenly Father for his love and mercy upon me and the people of Chakali.

May the good Lord continue to use us as an instrument to glorify his name.

May the protection of the increase on the Chakali mission as it is situated in the heart of Muslims.

Bismark Kassata

Praise be to God for us to have seen the end of this month and its blessings. By His grace, we are pressing on both spiritually and physically under the Divine leadership of the Holy Spirit.

We had our first revival on March 13 and 14 as part of the church's programs for the year. Theme for the training was "Four Field Discipleship for church Growth". The main reason for the program is to remind the leadership of the church to be disciple-minded as the purpose of the Church as Jesus said in Matt. 28:18-20.

Prayer requests

1. Pray for the leadership of the church to put what we learned to use.

2. Pray for the church in Ntrubo area to grow numerically by winning more souls to the glory of God.

3. Please pray for the pastor for more insight into the Word of God.

May God continue to bless our sponsors for the work they are doing for the Kingdom.

Below are the pictures of people who attended the program.

Kingsley Nyindam - Tatindo

We celebrate the goodness of God for seeing us through the month safely. Even though we had some painful experiences such as the death of one of our beloved brothers, the grace of God saw us through. I also thank all those who supported during this hard time.

The churches are doing great, especially the church at Mouaton. We were able to build a 35 by 55 chapel to have a decent place of worship. This project needs prayer and financial support so that we can finish it before the heavy rains come to wash away our efforts. Another solar light and its accessories was donated to the church at Kumbondo by the same person who donated the first one. Let us continue to pray for this brother. No baptisms were recorded.

Paul Tevi

Peace and love in Jesus' name from Yizesi and Loagri, North East, Ghana. And Glory to God for the past month under His precious grace. We've recorded 2 new births and 2 new converts. 2 of our members have been called by God.


We thank and praise God for in the month of March 2022. Thank and praise God for one Sister Mabel Nsana who has joined our church and have since became a full member of the Transformation Christian Church. I hope she will be a faithful and committed member. One thing to pray for in our church. Pray for Madam Cecilia Larbie ,a member of our church who has lost her daughter in March. She is yet to be buried. Pray that God will console and comfort her and the rest of the family.

Joshua - Chakali Mission

Glory be to God for his love and mercy over us.

By the grace of God, we were able to reach out to one of the Chakali communities called Gbedieyire, where we met two young guys and one woman to share the word with. We are hoping and praying to continue our visitation to begin discipling them through Discovery Bible studies (DBS) as the Lord wills.

We are trusting God for more of His grace to do more.

Thanksgiving for His love and protection

Prayer requests

  1. For God to soften the ground and the hearts of the people to accept the Gospel as we are led by the Lord to plant a church this year.

  2. For strength and wisdom to cope.

Paul Akuteye

The month of March which is also called the Ghana month since it was in that month that Ghana had its independence from the colonial rule. Although prices of goods and services went high, the people of God as well as the church was able to travail triumphantly. To God be the glory.

Moreover, we as a church still want to request your prayer support for a financial breakthrough for all the pastors, elders, the church workers and our sponsors, to be able to do more evangelism and win more souls in the region for the Lord.

May the good Lord richly bless you for your support and partnership.

Felix Nsejamese.

We give thanks to God for protection on our lives, my family and the Churches

Church activity In the month of march the church have three days prayer and fasting and naming ceremony.

Prayer Requests.

1, Prayers for me family.

2, Prayers for the church for the church uncompleted project the church need funds to complete.

3. Kindly Pray for my daughter Happy Nsejamese for us to get nursing training forms for her to continue her education.


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