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April Update: Francis Addae

By Francis Addae

Praise be to God, who has protected my entire family and provided for us through this month. I thank God for His goodness and care concerning my journeys and visiting both churches and clinics without any problem. Also praise Him for when a snake came to our house and by His grace we were able to kill it without bites or causing harm to anyone.

Coronavirus is everywhere, but thank be to God for his maximum protection to my family and my loved ones.

I will also use this opportunity to request prayers for my family.

1. We are in serious era of COVID-19 pandemic nationwide; therefore, l need God to protect my family and my loved ones not to get infected by the virus.

2. I also pray for my families and friends who are in the lockdown area for God’s protection and provisions to their needs.

3. I pray for all Christians not to lose hope in the Lord due to the coronavirus.

4. I and my family are seriously praying for our donors who care for my stay here in the mission field, that God will protect them and their families against the pandemic, and even if some of them are infected, l pray for their speedy recovery.


The month of March began very well. 7 souls were baptized.

We thank God for helping have a funeral at Dzebetato. We also had a communal fishing by members of two of our churches. The proceeds will be added to the churches’ finances.

We are also thanking God for protecting our members in the churches from getting infected with the coronavirus.

We also thank God even though there was a ban on church services, we have encouraged all our members to use their homes for prayers and Bible studies among their own families.

I also thank God for enabling me to visit and evangelize members at Salaga and beyond.


1. We should pray to God to protect the lives of our Donors.

2. We pray protection for our friends in USA.

3. We are praying for our donors to recover in case some of them get infected.

4. Committing sponsors, churches, and their families into the hands of the Lord to guide them from the coronavirus.

5. Pray for the World Health Organization to come up cures and vaccines.

6. Pray for our nation Ghana in this crucial time.

7. Pray for our brothers and sisters who are already affected by the disease, that God should have mercies on them and heal them both, Ghana, and other countries.

8. We should also pray for our frontline health workers to be protected from getting the virus.

9. We are to pray for our churches and Christians at large will remain in faithful in the Lord.

10. May God provide for those in the lockdown areas.

11. Pray for the virus to be curtailed.

12. May God sustain those who were accepted and have been baptized for the kingdom of God to remain faithful in the Lord.

Special Request

This is a suggestion: Our churches at Nikata off the road to Ekumdi are requesting a school. The community does not have a school. They started one, which had about 100 pupils, but due to financial difficulties the school is not functioning any longer and the children are suffering. Therefore, the community opinion leaders have approached Pastor Isaiah to talk to FAME Ghana about taking over the school to save the children’s lives from staying home without schooling.

I am here to report to you the couple who has fellowship with us at Makango Pistis Christian Church. This couple has lost everything they have due to a fire outbreak in their house. The man is fisherman and the woman is learning tailoring. In the afternoon when the man was still at work while the woman was also at work, a fire broke into their house, and before they came home, they could not take any item from their room. Everything of theirs burnt into ashes and both of them are now in need. Where they will sleep and what they will wear (clothing) as well as what they will eat has become a problem.

Therefore, the entire leadership of Makango PCC is appealing for assistance of aid. It can be iron sheet, clothing, or fishing materials because everything was lost in the fire. The couple lost four rooms and an oven for fish smoking.

I am attaching their photographs.


In Christian Love:


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