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August Report for Salaga Churches

Francis Addae works among the Gonja and Komkomba people groups in the East Gonja district at Salaga and its surrounding villages in the Northern region of Ghana.

The following is Francis' latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for His continued work:

I want to use this opportunity to praise God for what He has done for me and my family. By His grace, this academy year my son Robert Addae is able to move from Level 100 to Level 200. He has protected my family through the month of August.

Aside my pastoral assignment during this month, I travel to join a medical team and offer to them a ministry of cooking to 25 Americans and many Ghanaians to the glory of God.

I am again giving thanks to God for healing my wife, Mary, from malaria August 30-31 in the sickbed at Salaga Hospital. She was in admission for two days.

In the ministry, the churches are giving thanks to God for His protections and also the wonderful teaching with Walk Through the Bible conference at Nkwanta in Oti Region. On this note the leaders from our churches who were able to participate are thanking God so much and to the organizers. May God richly bless them.

During this month one member from one branch was bitten by a snake, and by the grace of God, he was discharged from Salaga Hospital after being admitted for five days. He is doing fine. Glory be to God!

In the clinic, God has granted us safe travels for about six days driving day and night, but in all our trips were successful.

Prayer Requests

To my family: May God have mercy for our needs such as provisions and His protection during the month of September in terms of food, travel mercies, and good health.

I also need prayers for my children’s education and many requests we have put before Him, such as getting financial breakthrough in order to support our family and also having money to buy fuel and do maintenance.

The ministry has a lot of needs. The elders of the churches need motorcycles and bicycles to visit the churches. The entire leadership of the churches are pleading to the office on behalf of Pastor Isaiah to have a motorcycle to work and also some monthly financial support.

May God help our donors and all our top management in the FAME office, especially the executive director in the person of Pastor Enoch Nyador.

Special Request

This is a suggestion: Our church at Nikata off the road to Ekumdi is requesting a school. The community does not have a school. They started one which they were having about 100 and more pupils, but due to financial difficulties the school is not functioning any longer and the children are suffering. Therefore, the community opinion leaders have approached Pastor Isaiah to talk to FAME Ghana to take over the school to save the children’s lives from staying home without schooling.

On behalf of Nikata CC and the entire community, they are looking forward to hear positive feedback from you by the grace of God.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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