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Baptisms and Community Riverbank Cleanup

Francis Addae works among the Gonja and Komkomba people groups in the East Gonja district at Salaga and its surrounding villages in the Northern region of Ghana.

The following is Francis' latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:


I am very grateful to have this opportunity to give thanks to God for many blessings He has shown to us.

1. God has protected my family and me through the month of May, given travel mercies, and also provided food for my entire family.

2. In the month of May there were a lot of rainstorms, but God is in control, and nothing has happened to any of my family members.

3. I also thank God so much of our friends from the U.S. who came and visited us and FAME clinics whom accepted and saw perfect our services to them.

4. Thank God for His protection when poisonous snakes were found twice in two rooms without harming anyone.

5. Thank God for a one-day clean-up exercise at the riverbanks by Makango Pistis Christian Church (PCC) FAME Clinic, public school pupils, Moslems, and other denominational churches in Makango.

6. God led the leaders to meet and have a good discussion towards the growth of our churches, how to teach on tithes, preparing up to 3 months Preaching Roster, as well as placement for leaders in visiting the village churches.

7. We thank God for strengthening the ministry and its members throughout this month.


1. I need prayers for my family and friends who are involved in writing their final exams, both JHS and SHS candidates.

2. I need prayer for protection and provisions for my family in the month of June.

3. I need a prayer for two of my children who are doing their attachment, in order for them to excel.

4. I am still praying for Mission House Renovation, since we are in the raining season.

5. In the ministry: We need prayers for supporting the Elders in the Ministry to have some Motors and Bicycles to use for performing their duties of Preaching and Teachings to the various churches.

6. We need your prayers for our ministry to have a fund for projects which will produce financial sustainability for both members and leaders.

7. As Pistis Christian Churches Leaders from various places will be travelling to Kumasi for National Council meeting, our prayer is to have a safe travels both in and out.

8. Besides, may God be with the Office and our donors who always in collaboration with Ghana Christian Mission pay our monthly salaries. We say may God bless them all.

On this afternoon, these young ladies accepted The Goodness of Christ and were baptized into the family of God.

Clean-up Exercise

Thank God on Sunday these people gave their lives to Christ and have been baptized for the glory of God. They are from Abelekora PCC Family. They need your prayers.


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