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Chakali Mission Report

By Joshua Lodo

Greetings from Joshua, church planter committed to serve among the Chakali People Group.

God has been good to me in this month of April, keeping me from all dangers.

My stay at home has been quite challenging and a blessing because I could go nowhere for visitation and things like that, except my environment and spending more time with the Lord through His word, prayers, and fasting.

Moreover, working on the writing of the Chakali language, putting up words and short sentences together and reading.

May God bless and empower you all for your prayers.


1. For His blessings and protection.

Prayer Requests

1. For God’s protection against the outbreak of COVID-19.

2. For God to reach out to the souls of the Muslims as I associate and live amongst them.

3. For our sponsors, their families, works, and greater open doors.

Thank you.

Your servant,



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