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COVID 19's Impact on GCM

By GCM Staff

In the initial stage many thought the virus was distant from us and therefore very minimal preparations were made. Today, with the reality facing us, we realized we have not done enough as a nation. We currently have 378 confirmed cases and over 15,000 identified contact tracing ongoing in just 6 weeks.

Despite our deficiency, our government has put some measures in place to help deal with the disease.

All schools have been closed from nursery to tertiary across the country.

All borders have been closed except to cargos (thus, airports, seaports and land ports).

Ban on social gathering such as churches, funeral, weddings, mosques, and conferences.

We have been advised to avoid unnecessary traveling and encouraged to stay home and work from home if possible.

There has been fumigation of all markets across the country.

Partial lockdown in some COVID -19 regions.

For us at GCM, we have had to comply with all directives from government. All our churches are unable to meet. Unfortunately, due to technological challenges, we are unable to run online services. However, we encourage our churches to keep to individual/family Bible studies and prayer. Funerals, weddings, naming ceremonies have all been put on hold.

With schools closed, we have less worries than to pray for God to take care of the children in their various homes.

Our clinics, however, are on the battle frontline. Our major problem is PPE, which have become scarce and very expensive. Please pray for us in this area. Pray for safety for our clinic staff, availability of PPE, and PPE at affordable prices.

We no longer meet at our office. We only work from home and go to town to get essential products for the clinics.

We continue to pray for God’s perfect solution in this crisis.

In this global pandemic, the greatest needs for our seven clinics is the supply of Personal Protective Equipment. Currently in Ghana, PPE have become a scarce commodity. To add to that, the price has become super expensive. Sometimes we pay up to 300% higher than price before the pandemic. We would so appreciate it if donors and individuals could help us purchase the supply of PPE in a timely manner to assist 93 health staff we have at our clinics.

Short background to our clinics The seven clinics are located in remote areas (villages) of the country: namely, Benwoko, Tatindo, Kumdi, Akplale, Yizesi, Loagri, and Makango. The clinics serve local communities with people who are low-income earners and are mostly into small-scale farming and petty trading. In total, we tended to 57,849 patients in 2019.

With this said here would be our wish list: 1.  We would appreciate prayers for the physical well-being all of our staff and that they persevere in their faith throughout this season. 2.  Gifts of any size which can be designated for PPE.  Please know that through many small gifts, much good can be accomplished. 3. Gifts of any size to the Clinic Medicines Fund, which collectively make a huge difference in saving lives and helping people hear the Gospel as they come to our clinics especially in these trying and fearful times.

General risk assessment in Ghana With a very high housing deficit, many people are crowded in homes. Our housing system causes at least 6 different families to depend on a single washroom and toilet. Sometimes a whole community depends on a public toilet. This is a big fear and cause for alarm.

As a country, our health delivery is still not at the level to deal with such a disease. Prior to this pandemic, we have been dealing with “no-bed syndrome” at our health facilities. Patients are discharged prematurely and some are returned due to insufficient beds and sometimes health professionals. In a time like this, what happens even if 5,000 people are infected at the same?

Transportation: The majority of Ghanaians still depends on public transport to commute from one place to the other: work, school, church, health centers. In these vehicles, we normally sit with no space between each other. This could help spread the virus.

Shortage of primary safety tools. In times where everyone is required to intensify personal hygiene though sanitizing and washing of hands, prices of hand sanitizers, thermometers, washing soaps, tissues, face masks, among others, have skyrocketed. In addition to this, they are not available for purchase. One has to comb all town to find any of these items.


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