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Dzobo Safe After Bird Crushes Car Windshield

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Samuel Dzobo is a dedicated GCM evangelist who wants to see nothing but Christ alone in people. Samuel is pastoring 21 churches planted through his efforts and has baptized over 1,400 converts.

The following is Samuel's recent report from the mission field in August/September. Please join us in thanking God for helping Samuel in this recent car incident:

Pastor Samuel Dzobo was traveling from Accra to Borae [one] morning when a large bird from the bush crushed and condemned his windscreen at Kpong. Just when he was trying to park, he saw smoke in the car.

He is so thankful to God for saving him from what could have been a terrible accident or the whole pickup truck burning.

The truck was fixed the same day; however, the insurance company has not paid the claim yet (as of September 21).


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