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'Fire Festival for Them ... and for Us'

Paul Tevi serves with GCM in Yezesi and Loagri in northern Ghana.

The following is Paul's report from the mission field in September/October. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

“Fire Festival for Them ... and for Us!”

Greetings and shalom from Yezesi and Loagri, in the Northern Region of Ghana. The Mamprussi Land celebrated on the September 20 their Fire Festival. Great cultural event each year. Witnessing the event, I just remembered two fire festivals in the Bible: Prophet Elijah calling fire from heavens on Mount Carmel (I Kings 18) and the Day of Pentecost when what looked like flames or tongues of fire came from heavens upon believers to start The Great Commission (Acts 1-4). Today we must carry the fire of God in our prayers to confront the “new prophets of Baal” and in our heart to spread the Good News.

We are so grateful to the Lord for delivering from death two sisters in the church in Yezesi, who were very, very sick. We thank also The National Service Secretariat for sending two new strong Christians to Loagri. They have started a very good job in and outside the church while Bright Nyador, nurse and deacon, has left the community on study leave. We wish him all the best. Let’s pray for all those in the Northern, Upper East, and West Regions who have lost their crops and houses because of the torrential rains. Once again shalom to all.


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