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GCM Staff Reports -- August/September

The following are the combined staff reports from the various GCM staff. They cover August and/or September.

Bismark Kassata

Glory to God for watching over us to this date. We show appreciation to Him once again for the opportunity to be coworkers in His vineyard. l thank God for providing for us all even in this period of coronavirus. I express my sincere appreciation to our partners both in Ghana and the United States for their selfless support for progress of the work of God.

Prayer request: I humbly request your prayer support for some members to maintain their faith. Many need a spiritual revival as some have grown cold due to the long stay at home (due to church gathering ban at the start of the pandemic). I also request you to pray for the two churches we are about to be planting in Fankyenikor and Lomnava this year.

Pray for me and my family for more courage as we dedicate our lives together for the service of God's work.

Kingsley Nyindam

Thank God for providing for us in the month August. I was able to visit four branches this month, and church attendance was massive. Two naming ceremonies were held. No baptisms were made.

Prayer needs: The rains have been so massive that they have washed away many farms. One of the most affected is one of our elders. George Kwame at Nanbon had his entire yam farm submerged in water. Please keep the affected farmers in prayer, and any form of assistance would be appreciated.

The mission house needs a toilet facility very badly. Please give this urgent attention. Continue to pray for the growth of the church. I would also need a motorcycle to be able to make my rounds, especially now that most of roads are not accessible.

Praise God for 14 people baptized at Nyorkolbu. Please keep them in prayer.

Sam Dzobo

These 3 people were baptized after a fundraising ceremony yesterday at Otiso under Borae District of PCC.

Ernest Nyador

  • I am incredibly grateful to God for the very successful marriage for my son, Bright. Also thank Him for traveling mercies and provisions.

  • I also thank God for protecting my family throughout this month, August. He is sustaining my ministry from destruction.

  • The church is thankful to God for protecting and blessing members during this COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The church is also grateful to God for the financial support from Mission Resource Ghana to her members.

  • Praying for successful sustenance for my son's marriage.

  • Praying for stability of my members’ finances and businesses.

  • The church seeks for God's favor for members in various ways.

  • Evangelism continues aggressively to save the perishing souls.

John Newman

We give God the glory for all He is doing in our lives. By His grace my family have been protected throughout the month. He has also provided us with our needs during this COVID-19 time. We thank God for opening a way for us, as a church, to meet and worship for two hours. Now we are able to meet on Sundays to worship our Maker and also study His Word. All the churches have been meeting every Sunday. We pray that COVID- 19 will be totally wiped out so we can continue with other activities.


1. Pray for our Sunday school children’s teacher (Gloria Awudah), who has lost her husband.

2. We want to raise funds for the completion of our mission house at Nkwanta. Pray that God will touch the hearts of the people to give.

Felix Nsejamesi


  • Our thanks goes to Almighty God for His divine protection, mercy and grace upon our lives. I also thank God for the naming ceremony of my daughter Stephanie Nsejamese Uyureane.

Soul Winning

  • Two people have received our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Church Planting

  • We are still working hard to plant a church at Takanado.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for the growth of the churches and planting churches.

  • Prayer for church building and water for the communities where they don't have water.

May the Lord bless us all in Jesus’ mighty name.

Prince Yevu

I thank God Almighty for His love and care. I thank God for the life of my family and also the entire church. He has been faithful to us in all things. Although we are not in normal times, we still have to keep the faith and fight the good fight. Although we are working in the village, our duties are to visit and pray for the members and also use the Word of God to encourage them.


It was seven months now that Krobo church lost her place of worship. I tried to mobilize them to worship under a mango tree, but now that we have entered into the rainy season almost three Sundays now. Now every morning it rains. Because of that the love of the members are getting cold. We need help for the Krobo church to survive.


By the grace of God we have come across two plots of land in a very good place. The price is also good because the owner urgently needs the funds. The price for the two plots is 5,000 Ghana cedis [$863]. He needs the money before the end of October.


Maame Krobo mission house rent will be expired at October’s end, and the landlord is demanding rent for another year.

GCM Staff

Renovation at Clinics

We express our sincere gratitude to all our partners and donors. Through your support we have renovated the accommodations of nurses at two clinics. With these renovations, we can now accommodate five more nurses in addition to the existing ones.

With these renovations, we have stepped up our commitment in healthcare delivery. Now these nurses no longer have to stay far away in town where it becomes difficult to attend promptly to patients. At any given time of the day, they can respond promptly to any case.

We thank you for your support. However, we still call on you, our cherished partners, to join us as we target the remaining facilities that need some renovation work.

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Oct 03, 2020

Great content! Great work being carried out! May the Lord bless you all!

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