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GCM Staff Reports -- November/December

The following are the combined staff reports from the various GCM staff. They cover November and/or December.

Samuel Dzobo

After Borae District churches held their second 2020 Christmas convention at Mpele, 12 souls were baptized in a stream popularly known as Crocodile Pond. Need your prayers.

The theme for the presentation was “Repentance.”

These 10 souls were baptized at Otisu, an island village in the Oti Region where we held our first Christmas convention. Need prayers for their spiritual growth.

Francis Addae

Our Christmas Convention comes to an end successfully with 5 souls converted and baptized to the glory of God. As they are new converts, please remember them in your prayers for them to grow in the faith.

Please continue to pray for my family, as my wife is dealing with cancer. She has started chemotherapy. Pray for her healing, the family and more financial resources.

Wisdom Nyador

By the grace of God, Wisdom and his family visited 12 missionary families and the 7 clinics in 9 days.

We thank God for His protection and provision during the trip.

Ernest Nyador

  • I thank God for His leadership for my family and me from January to November.

  • I am very grateful also for my ministry, FAME, Ghana Mission Resource, and all others who support my ministry.

  • The church is thankful to God for His protection and several blessings on members.

  • The church’s gratefulness is also about the donation of pulpit to the church by the church's Women Fellowship. That was the ordination moment.

  • My family and I praying for more breakthroughs, spiritually, financially, and more.

  • We pray for peace to prevail in Ghana in this election period.

  • The church is also praying fervently for the nation Ghana, for a peaceful election.

  • The church is requesting prayers for several members who are sick.

Bismark Kassata

Greetings to you from Ntrubo Area to you all in Jesus’ name. Amen.

We thank God for watching over us all to this month of the year. We thank God for watching over the flock He entrusted to my care.

We thank Him also for the lives of our sponsors and their families.

Prayer Request

Dear in the Lord, we humbly request you to support my family to stand firm in the midst of the trials. We request special prayers for the churches under my care because we have recorded many deaths, even though we know they are with Jesus in Heaven. I want to end by saying that may the good Lord bless you beyond measure Amen.

Eric Nyador

  • There is no baptism during the period, but intense evangelism is ongoing.

  • The church building project is ongoing.

  • In order to continue the true unity within the Pistis Christian churches, two elders from Good Shepherd visited Paradise PCC on Sunday, December 13, to discuss how the two churches can hold joint programs for winning souls and also know one another for encouraging each other in the Christian faith. It was a successful visit.

  • Preparation is underway for the celebration of Christmas and the New Year.

Prayer Requests

  • Join us to pray for Ghana, as there is tension in the country after the general parliamentary and the presidential elections.

  • Pray for sister Eunice Nyador, the daughter of Pastor Eric Nyador, who delivered a baby boy on Friday, December 18, but still is in the hospital due to some minor problems with the child.

  • Let’s pray against the second wave of COVID-19 across many countries.


  • Despite all these problems, let us continue praising the Almighty God, for He is in control.

John Kpormegbe

Greetings to all of you in the name of the Lord. I thank the Almighty God for His grace for all of us. More especially, my family and the Churches also, granting His countenance to shine on those who were sick and troubled! What a gracious God we serve. A special greeting to my sponsors who are doing marvelously well in terms of the support that kept coming throughout even when COVID-19 arrived. Plainfield Christian Church, may the Lord increase your barns.

At these times, when we are waiting to celebrate Christ's birth, sad news occurred; my father- in-law went to sea and never came back. My wife has traveled to be with the mother to support her. I will also join her in January for other arrangements. I ask for your prayers.

  • Prayer for my family, wife's family

  • Prayer for traveling mercy and financial support

Additionally, our plan for next year is soul-winning, and we pray for strength and His grace to achieve it. May the Lord bless us all, and may His peace be with us in Jesus’ name. The challenges about the Banda structure and the pavilion are still pending, and we are doing our best to fix it one after the other. We need your prayer support.

Thank you very much for your concern.

David Addy Akpesey

Two Things to Thank God for in the Family

  • Thank God for helping us to assist the family of the late mother-in-law of our older late brother at Sokladzi near Agbativi.

  • Thank God for healing our daughter, Mrs. lrene Semenyo, who was indisposed for about three weeks.

Two Things to Pray for in the Family

  • Pray for our daughter, Linda Akpesey, who has just filed her documents and is waiting for her posting to any hospital within Accra.

  • Pray for our son, Hopeson Akpesey, who wants to move from Adenta to Teshie, Accra.

Two Things to Thank God for in the Ministry

  • Thank God for a successful burial and funeral of the mother of a member of our church. The church supported her with a donation and their presence at the funeral.

  • Thank God for all the activities and programs of the church after the ban on church activities lifted.

Two Things to Pray for in the Ministry

  • Pray for our Sunday school children and children of our church members who have been out of the classroom for this long period, that the Lord will take care of their lives and future.

  • Pray for all the end-of-year activities and programs of the Transformation Christian Church.

Paul Akuteye

Paul Akuteye is privileged to be pastoring in Kumasi from the January 1, 2002, till now.

The month of November 2020 had been a joyful celebration, as the church was able to witness the annual thanksgiving and offering service in the third assembly at Domeabra.

Please kindly help me to pray for a supernatural overflow of God’s favor for the three assemblies in Kumasi, as the COVID-19 had rendered most of our members financially handicapped, and also most have lost their jobs.

I also request your prayer support for a financial breakthrough for all the pastors, elders, the church workers, and our sponsors. Your partnership and support for us as a church will not go unnoticed.

The Oduom assembly is blessed to have a set of drums presented to her by one of the youth members of the church. To God be the glory!

May the few weeks left in the year 2020 bring you much blessing, as we pray for the president, government officials, legislature, judiciary, health, education, the media, the electoral commission and the 2020 general elections.

The Oduom assembly will also hold their annual thanksgiving and offering service come next week, November 29. You are invited.

The three local churches of the Pistis family of Kumasi need only one mini-bus to convey our members to and from church service on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.

The three assemblies are embarking on a joint three days of prayers, fasting, and revival service for our upcoming election in Ghana, November 25-27.

It is our prayer that the good Lord will bring us a benevolent person or persons to help us purchase the said mini-bus, which costs around 40,000 Ghanaian cedis ($6,900) in Kumasi, Ghana.

May the good Lord richly bless you for your partnership and support for us all, is our prayer.


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