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GCM Staff Reports -- November/October

The following are the combined staff reports from the various GCM staff. They cover November 2021 and/or October 2021.

David Addy Akpesey

Thank God for a very successful burial and funeral of our departed member Madam Charlotte Abena Seckum (aka Atta Maame), which took place on Saturday, October 9, at Assorkor near Sekondi in the Western Region of Ghana. We hired 3 mini buses to the funeral with support from the Vice Chairman of Pistis Christian Church Pastor Francis Billy Acquah and 8 members of his church. He preached the sermon at the funeral service while I performed the committal service at the cemetery.

Kindly pray for the widower, Mr. Simon Awudza, who is still sick and wasn't able to attend the funeral of his late wife. He is suffering from prostate enlargement and has been on a catheter for about 3 months now.

John Kpormegbe

Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God. Praise be unto Our Lord for how far He has brought us.

Thank God for your support and good works. May our dear Lord richly bless all of you. Banda district of Pistis family is doing great by grace. Join me and thank the Lord Almighty for His special grace on one of the churches. We have received and started a pavilion building at Nandikrom. What a Mighty God we serve! Whether it rains or shines, they will worship God without murmuring. Please pray they successfully finish the building.

On the other hand, three souls were baptized to the glory of God! Hallelujah! And their names are as follows: Bless, Francis and Bernice. Please, support them in your prayers.

May God richly bless the Pistis family, board members of Ghana Christian Mission, Plainfield Christian Church, and all leaders and sponsors. Please pray for the three souls that were baptized.

Felix Nsejamese


My greatest thanks go to the Almighty God for His grace upon us in our fundraising.

By His grace we have four thousand Ghana cedis.

Prayer Requests

We started the renovation work and we have run out of tiles (we need 20 more boxes).

  • Pray for completion this year.

  • Pray for more funds and support.

Paul Tevi

Testimony about a lady who became a Christian through a community development program: Zouhera Issaka, 21, is a married young lady and is the fourth child of her parents. She has never received any formal education. Despite her mixed idols and Muslim background, her brother Ebenezer was the first to receive Christ in the family. All efforts to introduce Christ to his sister who was a Muslim were in vain.

In May 2019,Amen Vocation Training Centre (AVTC), an initiative of Ghana Christian Mission, was started in her community to freely help young girls to learn a vocation and preach Christ to them. Ebenezer then convinced her to enroll, hoping that her time during the center will impact her positively. The daily devotion and prayers at the center finally convinced Zouhera to give her life to Christ in January 2020. She got baptized and now is a part of the Pistis Christian Church in Yizesi.

Zouhera after her conversion began to live a changed life. She is now a respectful girl in the community, helping the parents in the domestic and farm work, polite and gentle. Testimonies about her are now encouraging. Her parents are now very proud of her. She is now a testimony of how God’s Word and Holy Spirit can transform life from “bad to good” (II Cor 5:17).

Zouhera’s mother, having experienced the change in her daughter’s life, also decided to accept Christ and get baptized. They both are now faithful children of God and regular active members of the church.

Prince Yevu

By His power and grace, we are alive as the Scripture says, not by our strength nor by our power, but by Spirit, says the Lord.

Thank God for the life of my family and how far He has brought us. It was a great war but with the Lord on our side we were more than victorious in His name. We also thank Him for the entire church and the grace He has shown us.

There are a lot of challenges, but the Lord God Almighty is in control. We have moved to our new structure with one baptism and also with new souls coming every Sunday.

My prayer request is that the Lord touches the heart of our brothers and sisters for support with prayers and money to pay some of our loans for the church structure.

Please pray for my wife who is currently ill.

We thank everyone for your love towards the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the current phase of our project.

Bismark Kassata

It is with great joy I write to show much appreciation to God for taking care of us throughout last month. We thank God for the successful evangelism to win souls for God’s kingdom. As part of our goals this year.

Kingsley Nyindam

Praise God, for His mercies have seen us through the tenth month successfully. All the seven churches are doing great; I have not been able to visit the eighth church in a while due to its location and the nature of the road, which is the reason I need a strong motorcycle to be able to get to the hard-to-reach areas.

No baptisms were recorded, unfortunately.

Continue to pray for the growth of the church, both in numbers and spiritual growth, as some of the members are still battling the problem of syncretism and alcoholism.

The economy of the country is becoming increasingly hard. Prices of goods and services are shooting up every day; even as we pray for our economy and the workers on the mission field, I am appealing to the office for an upward adjustment of our monthly allowances to enable us meet some of our obligations. Also pray and support our churches still meeting under trees. Thank you.

Johnathan Sapeh


  • Thank God for the grace and mercy bestowed on us throughout the month. I also thank God that the churches’ activities which were negatively affected due to the COVID-19 restrictions are now picking up gradually.


  • Visited Bombare Church, preached, and encouraged them in the Lord.

  • Named and dedicated two babies to the Lord at Kumdi.

  • Held Kumdi District leaders meeting.

  • Visited some of the backsliders at Kumdi, encouraged them, and asked them to come to the Lord.

Prayer Requests

Please join us in prayers for:

  • Sister Mary Bilangma from Tadando, down with stroke

  • Sister Felicia from Kofido

  • My wife, Lydia

Eric Nyador

Though there was no baptism during the period, we are seriously doing evangelism. The church supported the Southern sector national youth executive of PCC financially and materially when they traveled to Afram Plains in the Eastern Region of Ghana for a mission work. Two active members of the church lost their fathers, one at Kpando Gbefi in the Volta region of Ghana and the other at Dzodze, also in the Volta Region. The church organized three days of fasting and prayers against the rising political tension in Ghana.

Prayer Requests

  • Good health for all our members and the Pistis family as the end of the year draws near.

  • New converts into the church.

Sampson Darko

Once again our Lord has been faithful and has brought us this far. We appreciaate our God for the peace that prevailed on the land of Nkwanta South.

There was a dispute between the Akyodes, Adeles, and the Challas over a Yam Festival Celebration by the Akyodes. There were gunshots and stabbing incidents between the Challas and the Akyodes. God intervened and there is peace now.

I personally need prayer support, for I am a target for the Challas in Keri. Please pray for the church, in general.

Richard Ntim

Faithway Christian Academy presents 38 students (15 girls and 23 boys) for the 2021 Basic Exams Certificate Examination (BECE, the final junior high school exam), which begins on November 14. This is the sixth batch that the school has produced. Thank you for your continuous prayer and support.

Paul Akuteye

The Good Lord has been so good to us all, especially to us the people in the Ashanti region.

There has been a lot of ritual murdering, armed robbery, death of women killed by their spouses, and women killing their own children in the city of Kumasi.

One of our youth members who is an IT wizard was attacked by armed robbers in broad daylight. Most of his belongings were taken away by these robbers, but he was unharmed, fortunately. We want you to join us to celebrate in praising God for his life.

Kingsley Nyindam

Praise God for a new look for the Tatindo clinic. In September, the facility was hit by a rainstorm, which destroyed part of the roof. It was immediately fixed with financial assistance from the office. We also had assistance to repaint the entire facility to give it a befitting look. This is attracting and appealing to our clients and also boosting the morale of the staff.

Francis Addae

I want to use this opportunity to thank God for the spirit of oneness and cooperation we currently have in the facility. I also need to thank God for two female nurses who have delivered new babies successfully.

A female nurse lost her father while the male nurse his mother; pray for comfort for the grieving families.


  • We are praying for more drugs for Makango Fame Clinic.

  • More staff posting is needed.

  • Staff accommodation.

  • Remember Anthony’s wife, who is now on crutches.

  • I’m requesting prayers for a new convert; Kwadwo is his name.

May God strengthen all chaplains, nurses, and midwives to meet their daily needs in Jesus’ name.

Paul Tevi

Greetings in the name of our Lord, the Perfect Healer. Successful month in terms of our relation with the clinics. Besides our visitations, Pistis Christian Church collaborated with the Health Committee in Yzesi and organized a cleaning exercise Friday, October 29, to change the outlook of the facility.

Felix Nsejamese

We thank our heavenly father and our Lord Jesus Christ for the great things He has done. Glory be to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

A woman named Yaw Punala, a widow from Agbajokura, was found sick and laying by the road. She was brought to the clinic, where she was treated and discharged. I visited her recently and by grace, she is doing well.

Ernest Nyador

The month of October ended well for Akplale Clinic. Monday and Friday devotions still alive. Some are showing enthusiasm while others look unconcerned. Delivery, medication, education, counseling, and more are being done by the nurses. This is one of the newborns.

Ernest Yeboah

I visited the patients on admission regularly and prayed for them and encouraging them to persevere through whatever problems they’re dealing with. In both devotion and visitation, our God, His beloved Son Jesus Christ Our Lord, and His Holy Spirit have been faithful and merciful to staff and clients.

John Newman Peni

God has heard and answered our prayers concerning our brother (Youth Member, Eric Otanniador), a mason who fell from a building when working. By the grace of God, he returned to church to worship with us on October 10. This day was a day of celebration in the church for his miraculous healing. Since then, Eric always attends all church gatherings just as he used to before this accident.

Although he could walk and dance, he is not fully strong and cannot go back to his work and therefore needs financial assistances. So, we plead that he will be supported in cash or in kind to make a living.

Prayer Request

Pray that the land disputes between the Adeles, Atwedes, and the Chalas will be settled so that there will be peace in this municipality for life and businesses to continue to run smoothly and safely.


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