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GCM Staff Reports -- September/October

The following are the combined staff reports from the various GCM staff. They cover September and/or October.

Ernest Nyador

1. I thank God for His love and protection for my family.

2. I am also grateful to God for the slough doctors incised on my leg.

1. The church is thankful to God for sustainability of members.

2. Mission Resource fund is benefitting those who are in various trades. They are incredibly grateful to God.

1. I pray for speedy healing of the wound from surgery.

2. I also pray for good health and protection for my family and ministry.

1. That the church intensify on evangelism for more souls.

2. That the church pray for Ghana for peace to prevail before, during, and after election in December.

Joshua Lodo


Greetings from Joshua, church planter committed to serve among the Chakali People Group. I thank God for His goodness and mercy towards me and His lovingkindness towards the Chakali communities.

This month has seen a lot of transformation physically and spiritually in my personal life and on the mission activities as well.


  1. For His goodness and divine protection.


  1. For God to open up the heart of the Muslims, especially their children to His word.

  2. Financial support for the Chakali Mission Project to develop a playing ground for the children and the youth of the community.

Kingsley Nyindam

Praise God! This month has had 13 baptisms to glory of God.

Church activities are picking up strongly after the ban on gatherings.

Prayer Needs: Many families and farmers have lost their livelihood due to the heavy rainfall this year that had washed all their crops away. Many people are going to starve. Please pray in this direction and support.

John Kpormegbe

Good day to every one of you in the name of the Lord. Despite sicknesses and accidents, God has been so good that no death has been recorded. Regardless of COVID-19, God in His special way has helped and is still helping me and my family through Plainfield Christian Church, Pastor Riley, and Pastor Enoch. We are most grateful, and God bless you all. Heavy downpours of rain are what we are experiencing these days. However, this could not stop us from sharing the Good News with the unreached and lost souls. For this reason, join me in thanking God and pray for six newly baptized and accepted Children of the Most High God, who were baptized just last week Saturday and were added to the family of God. I humbly ask that you should put them on your prayer list so that teaching and growing will be more effective. Thank you all for your concern.

Bismark Kassatta

Praise be to God for watching over us throughout the month.

By His grace, I was able to visit the eight churches under my leadership. The grace of God has been sufficient over their lives, and all the members are very strong in the Lord, except for one of them that has passed away (sister Cate Amevor, 55). May her soul rest in peace.

Even though COVID-19 came and disorganized the church, God has started to move in a different direction to get His people organized; thus, church activities have returned to normal.

Prayer request: I humbly request you to be in support of our sister Cate Amevor’s family for that great loss.

Pray also for brother Noah Azuma, one of my disciples, who is starting a church. I need your prayer for my family, that they will perform a miracle as far as finances are concerned. I wish all our brothers and sisters who support us both physically and spiritually God's blessings beyond measure. Amen.

John Newman

God has been good to us that there has been no problem in my family. We are all safe and peaceful. We thank God that the churches are growing.

There had been a misunderstanding between the two elders at Tutukpene, but with the help of God and pastors Sampson, Bismarck, and myself, the problem has been resolved. On that Sunday, Blackie Junction Church had a joint service with the Tutukpene branch.

Photographs of members:


We will be having a fundraiser on November 1, towards the completion of the mission house at Nkwanta. Pray that the people will give willingly.

We need a mechanized borehole at the mission house because without water my family and I cannot live there. Pray that some people will one to our aid to provide.

David Akpesse

Two Things To Thank God for in the Family

1. Thank God for very successful burial and funerals of my wife’s aunt and her son at Akplale and Dzokplenu Agave, respectively.

2. Thank God for healing my wife and her mother when they had malaria.

Two Things To Pray for in the Family

1. Pray for good health and security of all members of our family.

2. Pray for our children to remain faithful and committed to the work/things and services of the LORD.

Two Things To Thank God for in the Ministry

1. Thank God for a successful burial and funeral of our late member Madam Mary Esi Badu Annan at Osae Krodua near Jei Krodua.

2. Thank God for eleven students of Christian Transformation Basic School who successfully wrote this year’s Junior High School examination.

Two Things To Pray for the Ministry

1. Pray for a successful marriage blessing between Elder Francis Adedze and his bride Elizabeth on October 10 at the Transformation Christian Church, Awutu Papaase.

2 . Pray for one of our Sunday schoolchildren called Rose Akakpo, who has been seriously sick for some months now. She cannot stand up and walk by herself. Pray for her miraculous healing and total recovery.

Johnathan Sarpeh

This is Makafui, who has just passed out from Ghana Immigration Training School, and is waiting to be posted. Let's give God the praise.

Eric Nyador


1. The whole congregation thanks God for taking us through the lockdown period and protecting us against the deadly COVID-19 and the reopening of the church buildings on Sunday, September 6.

2. On September 11, I and my assistant, Pastor Kennedy Hormeku, joined 211 Acua members in a prayer walk at Dabala in the Volta Region of Ghana.

3. There was a wedding ceremony at Nungua Kairos Temple, and the bridegroom is from Good Shepherd.

4. The church building project is progressing steadily.

Prayer Requests

1. The deadly COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. We need the Lord’s protection for the universal church and the whole universe.

2. All our programs for October and the rest in 2020.

3. Intense prayers for Ghana as we prepare for general election in this 2020.

Thank you and glory be to God.

Prince Yevu

To God be the glory; great things He has done, for His kindness is from generation to generation! I thank God Almighty for my family. The Lord is our supplier and our provider. In Him we put our trust.

The church cannot be left out. I thank God for the church, for how far He has brought us. His grace is more sufficient for us. The church is still facing a big challenge; this is lack of place of worship. Currently, it meets only in my small house. This has reduced attendance from 18 to six each week as the place is not comfortable.

We have currently located a piece of land, which will serve us well. It is located at an advantageous place. The owner is ready to sell it at 5,000 cedis (about $1,000). Please pray for us in this area, that the Lord touch someone to assist us in acquiring this land.

Felix Nsejamesi


We give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus for His love and kindness upon our lives.

We thank God for giving us traveling mercies. He saved as from an accident we had our way home from Pastor Jonathan's mother’s funeral. We thank FAME staff for their prayers and financial support. God richly bless you.


By the grace of God three souls have been baptized.

My Family

By the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we are doing well. Happy is in school.

The Church

By the grace of God, church is moving on. On the October 25 Kojoboni church will raise funds in aid of musical instruments and chapel renovation. We need your prayers and financial support.

Prayer Requests

1. Prayers for my family and my daughter Happy is in school.

2. Prayers for all the churches in this area to grow spiritually, physically, and financially.

3. Pray for our fundraising.

Thank you. May God richly bless you in Jesus’ mighty name.

Member Care/Communications Coordinator’s Report

The month of September was a tough one. It started with the news of Francis Addae’s wife’s surgery, which was later identified as being cancerous, and the coronavirus infection of Kyle in the USA. We were also faced with heavy rainstorms that affected the farms of several church members’ farm and cut off some communities.

Because we serve a BIG God, the problems no matter how huge they may seem are also small before the Omnipotent. Through organized prayers, we are happy to report that Kyle and his father of Compassion Christian Church have fully recovered from the coronavirus infections. Mary Addae has undergone a first surgery successfully. However, she has to get a second surgery to remove the remaining lump before she can continue with further treatment to take care of the cancer. Please continue to remember her in your prayers. We must also continue to pray for the wives of all our church planters. They faithfully support their spouses mostly behind the scenes, in prayer and as helpers.

September also came with a lot of rain, which has destroyed several farms. Several members of the church have reported the flooding of the farmlands, the crops, and plants. This is a huge loss to these people, as it affects their financial stability and food security.

The rains have also cut off several communities. Currently, they are unable to access other communities, which means they can’t easily and safely access health care, markets, and other places until the water level reduces.

Please pray for these communities and farmers, that the Lord will make a way.


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