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GCM Staff Reports -- Summer 2020

The following are the combined staff reports from the various GCM staff. They cover May, June, and/or July.

John Kpormegbe

Good afternoon to you all in the name of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. About a hundred days now, COVID-19 has taken the whole of Ghana and her sister countries, but as I said in one of my previous reports, the sickness has come to destroy, but you and I together with the Family of Christ are safe by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Glory be to God for the Director of FAME, Pastor Enoch Nyador, for the financial and spiritual support he’s been giving throughout this time. Also, Pastor Riley and Plainfield Christian Church for their financial and spiritual support. We are praying for the good Lord to help you continue the excellent work you are doing to keep the work of God going. I will not forget to mention Pastor Wisdom Nyador for his humble service he is rendering to make the vision of FAME/GCM reach their expectations. In fact, my wife and I and the entire church at Banda and its surroundings love to pray all the time and dedicate our lives to the service of God in support of the great work you are all doing.

The entire family of Christ at Banda is also following the directives of the government. Though the ban has been lifted, the church is not yet in the position to meet. Therefore, we have decided to continue with the cell group meetings. Fortunately, I received directives from Pastor Enoch to organize the churches under Banda and use this month as fasting and prayer chain, and that is really helping. Because of that, I and the leaders did not relent to involve the members with this prayer. After July, the church will review the plans towards our internal fundraising towards the pavilion and reopening of a church in one of the villages. Please, you can support and pray for us in Jesus’ name. God bless all.


Francis Addae

By the grace of God, l am very appreciative of all that God has done for me and my family. Even since COVID-19 came to stay in the universe, all my family came back home (Salaga). God has provided feeding, protection, and even my travels to visit and supply the drugs to other FAME clinics within the months of May and June.

Glory be to God, for His kindness and compassion towards my family and me and those who stay with us in the mission house.

In the month of July, I am still committing my family and myself to God in prayer, especially four of my family members who have to return to school and complete their exams regardless of the COVID. More than ever, we need God’s protection and financial provisions.

Even though we are not going back to the activities of the church such as Sunday service and other services in our various branches, we are still keeping our faith in God by meetings in our homes for Bible studies and prayer meetings.

We the elders have played our role in visiting the members to encourage them. Thanks be to God for all the provisions He has made available for us.

Below are our prayer requests.

1. We thank God for the lives of our donors.

2. I need prayers for Pastor Isaiah and the family to have monthly financial support.

3. We pray for our friends in the USA, for God to protect them in this COVID-19 pandemic.

4. We pray for our nation Ghana in this crucial time as well.

5. We pray for our brothers and sisters who are already infected by the disease, that God should heal them.

6. We pray for our churches and Christians at large to remain in their faith in the Lord.


In the first place, l thank God and Pastor Enoch Nyador for all the prayer support and words of encouragement to me and my family.

Today, l am still affirming the rest of my life to work as an evangelist in the mission field; therefore, l am sharing some of my challenges in the field to the management.

1. Some of the roads leading to some of the churches have become so terrible that the pickup truck cannot maneuver during the rainy season; therefore, I am appealing that I will be supported with a motorcycle that will enable me to access four churches that are cut off during these times.

2. Salaga is a Muslim community. Therefore, having a church there is a big challenge. Especially not having a church building discourages members and causes the Muslims to ridicule us. We started a foundation for a building, but because we are small in number and are made up of mostly students, we have not been able to do much. We are therefore calling on you, our partners in the vineyard, to assist continue and complete the building project started several years ago.

May God bless you all and our donors.


Bismark Kassata

We are praising the Lord for His mercies upon our lives. He is adding more souls into his ministry even in the midst of coronavirus. Last week, the Lord added a new soul into the new church we have started. He is called Dorme U.B.; below are the pictures of the new soul naming his child in the church.

We humbly request you to support us with prayers in times like this. We also request you to support the family with your prayers, especially the siblings of our late Dorcas. Finally, my family and I are grateful to our sponsors, and I wish you God's blessings beyond measure. May His protection watch over us all.


Eric Nyador

Thanksgiving: Join hands with us to thank God for His caring as we all go through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reopening of the church door: Due to the directives from the Ghana government, we are organizing ourselves to buy the thermometer gun and the other things before opening the doors. At this moment we still worship in cell groups at homes every Sunday as we obey the rules against the virus, that is, wearing face masks and keeping social distance.

The pastor in charge of Good Shepherd, Pastor Eric Nyador, who is a member of the National Benevolence Committee of the Pistis Christian churches joined his other colleagues at Paradise Christian Church at Gbetsile on July 1 to work on the policy guidelines and the welfare of the pastors and elders of the church. Pastor Mrs. Enoch Nyador hosted us.

Baptisms: Three new converts were baptized on Sunday, July 19.

Prayer requests: Pray with us for funds for our church building project and more new converts as we continue with serious evangelism.

Thank you.


Paul Tevi

"That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffering, being made comfortable unto his death."

Philippians 3:10

Greetings in the name of our Lord from Manprugu Moadari District (North East, Ghana). We want first to thank the Almighty for protecting our lives. And also to GCM and its sponsors who have shown concern to us since the outbreak of COVID-19. We've resumed official church activities by complying with the directives issued by the government. Small cells are still meeting in the evening for Bible study or prayer meetings. Currently, farming activities are ongoing in the district. Please pray for God to let down the rains timely for a good harvest.

We have set up a joint committee, together with the health personnel, to follow, evaluate, and share any information on COVID-19.

We've lost two of our members. We would like to encourage all believers to continue to pray for this pandemic to come under control. We also express our sincere gratitude to all the generous hearts praying and supporting us. We hope to meet here again next month.


Prince Yevu

Afram Plains South Maame Krobo District

I thank God Almighty for His protection over His Church and the Director of GCM and the entire office staff for their hard work to support us in the field. May the Lord bless them all.

As we all know we are not in normal times, it takes the grace of God Almighty and carefulness to go through our daily activities. Although it is difficult this time, with the Lord on our side, victory is assured. I thank God for my family. We are still under His grace.

The church is marching on. By His grace we still meet under a mango tree for Sunday church service. This is a challenge to me at Maame Krobo, which is affecting the church. The numbers have entirely dropped because of holding church at an opened space.

We need a piece of land to construct a pavilion on it to save the church from collapsing. That is my prayer and I know the Lord will through you put a smile on our faces.

We are strongly supporting you in our prayers God bless you.


Kingsley Nyindam

Two naming ceremonies were held. We still cannot meet in large numbers for church services, because we still need to put some safety measures in place.

Prayers: We need to fumigate our church premises and need Veronica buckets, hand sanitizer, and nose masks for our members. Please pray for the Lord to provide this for us.

Also, pray and support the Ibubu and Nyorkolbu churches, respectively, to complete their chapel for use.

The month of June had brought us, and the clinic staff and the entire community much joy. We thank God for the provision of a mechanized borehole to give clean and safe drinking water. We say a very big thank you to to the management, most especially to the donors, we say thank you and the good Lord continue to bless you.

We also suffered some losses as our door was broken into by thieves, and cash and other valuables were stolen. We wish to thank all for your support. We continue to pray for you in this direction. Sad to let you know that our toilet facility is out of use and we have to attend to nature's call in the bush, thereby exposing my family and me to danger. Please, this needs urgent attention. Continue to pray for all the other needs mentioned in the previous reports.

Thank you.


David Akpese

Two Things To Thank God for in The Family.

1. Thank God for our daughter, Linda Sena Akpesey, for successfully completing her national service with the Ministry of Health.

2. Thank God for all who are supporting our family in diverse ways.

Two Things To Pray for in The Family.

1. Pray for Linda Sena Akpesey to be posted to any hospital in the Greater Accra Region as early as possible.

2. Pray for good health, safety, blessings, and the favor of God for our family.

Two Things To Thank God for in The Ministry.

1. Thank God for keeping our church together even during this COVID-19 period as our members continue to meet in small groups in selected homes.

2. Thank God for the spirit of unity, commitment, and sacrifice among the leadership of our church.

Two Things To Pray for in The Ministry.

1. Pray for the impending burial and funeral ceremony of our departed member, Madam Mary Annan, on August 11.

2. Pray for a successful marriage ceremony of two of our members, Brother Michael Tukpeyi and Sister Charlotte Dogbe on July 25.


Daniel Liwamor

May: First of all, I want to thank God for His protection against this coronavirus for us. Again, I thank God for my family and the church too, that we are safe by His grace and He added another month to us.

Secondly, church activities are down due to the coronavirus disease. So every Sunday we meet in our small groups. That is a group of one to ten people at home.

Prayer request: God should have mercy on His people, so we can survive and continue to serve Him.

June: First of all, I want to thank God for another month and also His protection against the deadly coronavirus. God's grace is sufficient for me and my family in these difficult times.

Elijah from Bombari gave his life to Christ last Sunday.

Prayer request: Please, remember Elijah in your prayers, that God should sustain him in the church.


Sampson Darko

We praise God for His mercies. We are grateful to the Lord for how far He has brought us. Actually, COVID-19 had caused a big challenge to us from March 13 till today. We are thankful to the Lord because God is in control and we shall overcome the COVID-19.

Pray for my wife to be whole from her sickness. Pray also for the church at Pawa. There was a windstorm that had their pavilion collapse. This is the second time. Pawa church has no place of worship today. Please, we would be grateful if anyone would come to aid the brethren so that they can have a place of worship. Till we meet again, stay blessed.


John Newman


1. I am grateful to my maker for protecting my family from evil and from this COVID-19 disease. There is peace at home.

2. I want to also thank God for the lives of all the members of the church. There had been nothing bad seen or heard or any difficulty they are going through which is beyond control.

3. We have received 100 copies of the Gidre Bible from our partners. We are so grateful for this because these will help the members read and understand the word of God in our own mother tongue. May God bless all who have provided for these Bibles.


1. Pray that God will intervene on our behalf and save us from this pandemic so that the church can meet as usual for spiritual strengthening.

2. Pray that God will protect, strengthen, and provide for the needs of our partners.


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