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Greetings From Loyalty Christian Church

Emmanuel Yao Boafo serves with Ghana Christian Mission at the Loyalty Christian Church-Mayera.

I thank God for my life and how far He has brought me in the ministry of His kingdom. I thank the leadership of Fame Ghana and all the partners overseas.

The month of March was a very challenging one for our local church. We experienced litigation on our church land. We had series of meetings with the customary owners of the land even as we fasted and prayed. Our land has been released, but we are waiting for the demarcation so that we can construct our wall.

We are currently preparing for the Easter convention at Ada Sege.

We have started our second prayer and fasting for the second quarter of the year. This prayer and fasting aims at deepening the relationship we have with God through Bible study, meditation, prayer, and fasting. It is for a period of 14 days and it started on the first of April.

We are going through a series of training for selected men and women in the local congregation to serve as Elders, Deacons, a Deaconess, and a Pastor.

Concerning Education, I am in my final semester, and I am writing my long paper. My last examination will be written on the 16th of July.

Currently I need a laptop to facilitate my schoolwork.

I need prayer that God will enable me with wisdom and strength to serve Him in humility and purity.


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