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MannaPack Rice: A Blessing to the Children of Ghana

In the Gospel According to John, Chapter 21, Jesus revealed Himself to the Disciples after His resurrection. One of the clearest instructions to Peter and therefore to all Christians is for him to feed His sheep. GCM Executive Director Enoch Nyador believes this is not only a matter of spiritual feeding only, but also involves the physical feeding. This is exactly what Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is doing—taking care of the physical feeding of God’s creation.

It is always a joy to see how people joyfully appreciate and cherish the MannaPack Rice. After the challenges of clearing the rice from the port and then transporting it over rough roads damaged further from the rains, we can say we are filled with joy to receive the following reports from the recipients:

Message from the Church of Pentecost (Adzake Assembly)

MannaPack Rice has come to the church at the right time. It has increased the children's ministry from 40 to 85 in attendance. Our children have begun to develop physically and mentally. Physically, they look healthy, strong with body weight. Mentally, it is by their way of reasoning and answering questions in class. Some who suffer deficiency as a result of lacking vitamins and minerals are regaining their strength. MannaPack Rice is like a bait for fishing. It motivates most of the children in the community to attend church regularly. They can't wait for Sundays to come to receive it. It will surprise you that some mothers are following their children to church. Indeed we are very grateful to donors from the USA, Ghana Christian Mission, and all who made it possible for MannaPack Rice to reach us. Thank you very kindly.

Message from Transformation Christian Church and Their School

The leadership of Transformation Christian Church at Awutu Papaase, the headmaster, teachers, pupils, and students of Christian Transformation Basic School wish to sincerely thank Ghana Christian Mission and the donors for donating 200 boxes of MannaPack Rice to us. This special rice is going to be a great help to the school children, especially those who are from poor homes. We have shared some sachets for them to take home. We will cook the rest for them during their lunch time. We are grateful to God for blessing us through Ghana Christian Mission and the donors of the MannaPack. May the Almighty God bless you richly.

The following photos are students from the Christian Transformation Basic School with their sachets of MannaPack Rice.


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