March Update: Felix Nsejamesi

By Felix Nsejamesi


We give thanks to Almighty God for His grace upon us. He has done great things and glory be to His name!

Baptism: 25 souls have been won into the kingdom of God, and 12 of them have been baptized through the revival we did at Dalando.

Church Planting: Our vision is to plant a church at Takinado with the help of a community leader called Gmaseme.

Prayer Requests

1. Prayers for a video projector for evangelization.

2. Prayers for a borehole in Kojoboni and Kanjido.

3. Prayers for a school at Dalando

4 Prayers for a church building at both Kanjido and Dalando.

5. Prayers for my family, my children’s education, and my wife who is 7 months pregnant.

6. Prayers for the church leaders.

7. I need prayers for Gmaseme and his family at Takinado, so that this family will reserve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as their personal savior as Cornelius and his family.

I say may the Good Lord Almighty richly bless the office of FAME Ghana and our partners all over the world. In Jesus’ name. Thanks.

Transporting souls for baptism