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Ministry Challenges at Banda Christian Churches

John Kpormegbe serves with Ghana Christian Mission in the Banda Christian Church in Ghana, Africa.

The following is John's latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

The Lord who watches over Israel has been good to all of us, He gives hope to Banda Christian Church and other branches in one faith, one baptism, and one Lord. I hope you are all fine. l wish all my sponsors including Pastor Enoch Nyador well in their endeavors. My humble request from you is to join me in thanking God for the free gift of life He has given to us, the Banda Pistis Christian Churches, in this foreign land for six years. Thank you to Pastor Enoch Nyador (Director of GCM) and Pastor Wisdom Nyador for all your help and support. I will also like to show my gratitude to Plainfield Christian Church for all their support over the years. I pray for all of us to continue the good work of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I know you have been working and praying tirelessly to see Banda Christian Church and all its branches grow. God bless you for all your efforts. However, there are still a few challenges that need to be addressed.


The means of transportation for the propagation of the gospel is very limited. There is only a single motorbike which is used for all church errands. Myself (Pastor John), Matthew, Elisha, Benjamin, and all other workers rely on this motorbike for all church errands that require transportation. This has really put pressure on the motorbike and has reduced its efficiency as well. It will be very helpful if an alternative means of transportation can be provided. I pray the Lord touches your hearts to do something about this challenge.

The various branches (Nandikrom, Majemaje, Borae-Nkwanta, Borae-Ahenfie, Banda-Buya, Wiae-Chabor, Banda the centre, and our newly established branches Bakando and Woae) are all struggling. This is because they all worship under trees. The Banda church in collaboration with all the branches is working hard to put together funds to purchase aluminum roofing sheets to put up a pavilion. This process is becoming a challenge because the funds don’t seem to be forthcoming. This has become a serious burden for me and the church. It will be helpful to get external support to carry out this project.

As you are well aware, one of my sons and fellow worker in the Lord, a student at Tamale, Benjamin Gbekle, got married recently. After the ceremony, he moved to Banda with his wife and had to get accommodations. His accommodations and feeding have been a challenge for me over the past months. Kindly consider a way to support with some funds to help with his accommodations and feeding.

There are also people in the church we wish to support but are handicapped due to lack of funds. Some are students, as I always put it, but they have no one to support them, and this has become a problem, and I want to see them excel in the future one day too. Some also wish to learn a vocation, but there’s no form of support to assist them. As you’re led, kindly come to our aid with some funds to help support these young ones who have a great future ahead of them.

In spite of all the challenges enlisted, the church is still thriving and growing. I humbly request that you continue to remember us in your prayers and with your support as we continue with the Great Commission our Lord Jesus Christ left us with.

God bless us all. Amen!


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