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Need for New Ministry Motorbike

Sampson Darko is the GCM evangelist of 5 churches among the Akyode people group in the Nkwanta district in the northern Volta Region. Farming and petty trading is the major occupation of the 12,000+ people there, about 70% of whom are idol worshippers.

The following is Sampson's report from the mission field in September/October. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Praise our Maker for protecting my family. Praise Him for providing for our needs.

Thank God for the members of the churches. Praise God for our school. Pray for speedy recovery for my wife as she is still having effects of the surgery. Pray for the protection of our school children, the members of the churches, my families, and new opportunities in the ministry.

My motorbike is very old (14 years) and is giving me series of problems. Every month, I spend more money on repairs than fueling it, aside from having to push it for long distances to the nearest mechanic, and it breaking in the middle of nowhere. Some of the churches I lead are about 20 kilometers [12+ miles] away. Whoever is touched should assist GCM and me to acquire a new motorbike so I can do more for Christ.


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