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New Church Started in Maame Krobo

Prince Yevu serves with Ghana Christian Mission in Ghana, Africa.

The following is Prince's latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for His continued work:

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Almighty God for His marvelous and wonderful love towards us through His lovely son Jesus Christ.

The Lord was gracious unto us this very month because there were many things that have happened around us, but the Lord was in control of our lives, and we thank Him for that.


The district was able to organize its monthly normal prayer in all the locales. Fervent prayers were made on behalf of various churches, pastors and their families, and also to the Ghana Christian Mission staffs, and our lovely donors were not left out. On evangelism, we thank the Almighty God for given us the strength and the abilities to evangelize. By His grace a church has started at Maame Krobo with few numbers of young men and girls accepting Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior, and I am preparing them for baptism.


By the grace of God I have started a new church in Maame Krobo, and we are now meeting in my sitting room with the number of 12 members including my family. We are still working on getting a classroom at the Maame Krobo high school. Already I have been granted permission to lead the worship time on Wednesday in the high school. I shall start on Wednesday, June 19, when I believe the name of our Lord Jesus will be lifted up.

Gifty Adrago, the young girl who is with me going to school also, is doing well in her education. Last term she was 24th in her examination number of roll in class (49), but the second term she was 3rd in her examination and also was given an award of coming to school early in the morning and also punctual. Her fees have increased by 46 Ghana cedis.

I was able to send my two leaders from Ekye Amanfrom and Ahiatrogah to go and study in Christian Leadership Training Institute in Tamale with pastor Godfred Mintah in June for one week. Both of the Assemblies are doing well.


We thank God for His safety hand on the boat. In fact, it is helping us in conveying us to meetings. Currently, the base or floor is weak and we have started accumulating funds from January till now buying some woods to replace the old ones, which will cost us about 2,000 Ghana cedis.

Some members of the new church at Mame Krobo


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