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Praise God for Baptisms, Chairs; Pray for New Motorcycle

Felix Nsejamesi is the cashier of the Kumdi FAME clinic as well as the assistant to the pastor of the Kumdi Christian Church. The church and clinic work among the Chumburu, Konkomba, Basari, Chukosa, and Kabela people groups. His is married to Juliana and is blessed with 2 children.

The following is Felix's report from the mission field in October/November. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

1. Baptism: One person has been baptized in Kojoboni Pistis Christian Church, and three souls received Jesus as their personal savior. Two of the three were in the church, and the last was in the clinic when I preached to her about Jesus.

2. On October 21, 2018, we raised funds to buy plastic chairs and drums, and by the grace of God we raised the funds and we bought 30 plastic chairs and the drums.

3. Thanksgiving: We thank Almighty God for His Grace and Mercy upon the churches (Kojoboni Pistis Christian Church, Chakori Kanjido and Dalando Pistis Christian Church). Glory be to His Name. We also thank you for your prayer support during the fundraising.

4. My Family: We thank God for His blessing on us; because of His Mercy we have not been consumed by the evil one. Great is Thy faithfulness and glory be to His Name. We also thank you for your usual and continuous support. God richly bless you all.

5. Prayer Request from the Church: We still need about 30 plastic chairs and paint to paint the chapel. A tricycle motor to transport our instruments when we are going to evangelization and other programs. Video projector and a water borehole.

6. My movement now is difficult due to the total damage of my motorcycle. Due to that, my vision for evangelization and church planting is getting difficult; therefore, I need your prayers and financial support to acquire a new one.


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