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Prayers From a GCM Clinic Nurse

Belinda Ayumu is a nurse serving with GCM in Ghana.

The following is Belinda's report from the mission field in August/September. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

I pray for God's mercy, grace, and favor upon you all and your family. May he restore all you lost. And [may] your cup never run dry.

I ask [for] God’s love, patience in my field of work. And may God use me greatly and mightily to propagate His Gospel wherever I find myself.

Through my studies, I realized that it’s God's mighty grace that has brought me this far; he made it possible for me to get here. I ask that God help me to continue to meet more people who have lost their [way] and who need to know the God I serve, His mighty work, His kingdom, and His love and purpose for our life on earth and eternally. That as Christians or followers of the Gospel or true word of God, death is again for us.

My field of work as a nurse so far has not been easy, but with Christ in the vessel I always smile even at any storm that arises.


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