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Reports From the Mission Field (Part 1)

Updated: May 17, 2018

Thirteen GCM workers have reported back on what life in ministry has been like recently. Please join us in prayer for them and the mission work. If you are able to fulfill any of their prayer requests, please contact us or donate. Thank you!

Part 1 (7 reports)

Sampson Darko (serving at Keri)

April 2018

I am grateful to The Lord for providing for my family. I thank God for healing my daughter from a horrible sickness. Praise God for sustaining His Church. Also, I praise Him for adding newborn babies to families in the church. Please intercede on my behalf fervently, for life is becoming more difficult. Please, we need support for our school. Recently there was a rainstorm that collapsed the hut for primary 3 and 4. So, please, we need assistance to raise money for the school building for the children. We are forced to close classes when there is a sign of rain even though it may not be time to close. Please pray for teachers and the children as well.

Francis Addae (serving at Salaga)

Thanks be to God who has protected myself and the entire family. There were a lot of problems such as sickness and travels, but God kept us safe and at the same time provided for our needs. I am also thankful to God for many visitors who passed on their way and spent their nights with us in the mission house; we fed them and gave them a place to spend the night. To God be the glory.

Prayer Requests

1. Mary, my wife, is still suffering from high blood pressure, and because of that she cannot walk very well.

2. My children and some of the people staying with me in the mission house are rewriting high school final exams.

3. I need prayers for my family and my travels for the month of May.

About the Mission

We thank God for successful Easter Convention we held at Gbetepo on the Volta Lake near Makango in the Salaga District. At the end of the convention, 9 souls were baptized to the glory of God.

I am thanking God that one of our elders is undergoing a 1-year Bible and Ministry Training at Tamale.

The churches I started are observing a 6 months revolving prayer every evening from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. The churches meet and pray for the growth of the church and global missions. Five of these churches worship under trees (Gbetepo, Ablekora, Mepesem, Katanga, and Afayile). They are appealing for 4 packs of roofing sheets, each to have a shelter to worship under. The amount needed for each church is $400. Therefore, I want to use this opportunity to appeal to donors to come to the aid of the churches since we are almost entering into rainy season. Finally, we are appealing on behalf of our volunteer leaders who need motorcycles to use in the ministry.

In all I am very grateful to the director and the entire office staff, especially our brethren in the USA who are always working hard to meet our salaries every month. May God be with us and continue providing for our daily needs.

John Newman (serving at Nkwanta)


1. The church at Nkwanta had a night vigil and prepared for the growth of the church, leaders, the sick, world evangelism, and individual prayer requests.

2. Normal church activities like weekly prayer meetings, Bible studies, and Sunday services went on successfully.


1. I was saved from an accident on my way from Breweniase to solve a problem of a couple which brought separation. On my way back at night, what I felt all of a sudden was someone hitting my shoulder while I was riding my motorcycle. I think the fellow might have been on drugs or alcohol. I could have fallen and not survived if he had hit my hand which held the steering bar. I thank God for saving me.

2. My family is grateful to God for keeping us healthy and providing for our daily needs despite us not being financially sound.

3. Seven people were baptized into the church this month.

4. We thank God for a successful burial at Kechiabi of a member aged 86 years who gave her life to Christ two and half years ago. It was successful.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for my family for protection from satanic attacks and for peaceful minds to serve God.

2. Pray that God should grant us financial breakthrough.

3. Pray that the minds of members will be cleared from worldly desires and serve God truthfully. That they will also be blessed and support the church financially.

4. Pray that we get a pickup truck to be able to move to other communities to win souls and plant churches.

Daniel Liwamor (serving at Bombari)

I would like to thank Almighty God, for the abundance of life He has given to I and my family and that of the churches in the month of April 2018.

Secondly, I would like to express another thanks to the director of theological education by extension (T.E.E.) Pastor Godfred Mintah for bringing this training to our doorsteps to enable us to raise good leaders in our churches; thanks be to God.

Thirdly, work on Bombari church building is ongoing, and you can have a look at some pictures of the building.

Prayer Request: Always pray for the Church at Bankamba so that those who gave their lives to Christ will remain in Him (Jesus).

One of our major challenges we face at Bankamba is competition of other churches, because there are five churches in addition to us. But, it's well.

Paul Akuteye (serving in Kumasi)

The year 2018 is seen as a brighter future for the nation Ghana and beyond. During Sunday services from January to April, any time an altar call was made, we had more than 2 people giving their lives to Christ. We had more than 5 people visiting us for the first time. The month of April we baptized 4 new converts. The 3 assemblies organized 1-week revival program which started from the April 23 to April 29 at the Oduom auditorium.

I need your prayer support for the successful completion of the Oduom 2-story-building auditorium.

I also request your prayer support for a financial breakthrough for all the pastors, elders, the workers in the church, and our sponsors. Finally, help me to pray for the 3 assemblies for a supernatural overflow of God’s favor.

May God richly bless you for your partnership and support for a brighter continuation of 2018 for us all.

Jonathan Sapeh (serving at Kumdi)

Thank God for abundant grace on the lives of the church members and my family. Also thank God for the 3 people who were baptized this month.

Prayer Requests

Kpandai is facing a serious water problem which needs an urgent solution. I had a motor accident yesterday when returning from Kpandai after Sunday church service. I am praying for a pickup truck since I have been using a motorbike 21 years of my 25 years at this difficult part of the country. During raining season, I suffer; the motorcycle has to be lifted high to avoid water entering the engine. During the dry season too, the heat and the dust pose danger to my health, and at my age of 59 years it is dangerous for me to be riding a motorbike on these bad roads. I pray for two motorbikes for Felix and Daniel for evangelism.

Below is the injury I suffered from the motor accident.

Bismark Kassata (serving at Breweniase)

We have every right to thank God for His grace and mercy for us. The ministry is doing well and the Lord is adding to the church more souls. We don't have enough water for baptism because the rains have not started. We thank God for the opportunity to preach in my mother tongue in one of the radio stations once every week. Out of the program, I led 9 people who were willing to give up their lives for Christ.

My family and I do appreciate our sponsors so much for your support both spiritually and financially. May the Lord bless you all.

Prayer Requests

Please, fellow servants of the Lord, kindly pray with us because our little girl was in hospital for the past 2 weeks, and it was not easy for us at all, but for God’s grace. She is now discharged and we are now at home.

Secondly, the one and only borehole we are drinking water from is broken down for the past 6 months. Could you imagine we buy water for $7 every week? This is a struggle for us. I therefore humbly request that if the broken borehole will be mechanized, it will ease the pain of the water problem for me and the church members. Finally, I also humbly request that in order for me to go to the radio program every week to win souls for the Lord, I need financial assistance.


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