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Thanks and Prayers From Akplale Christian Church

Ernest Nyador has been the evangelist of the Akplale Christian Church since 1996 and has baptized over 600 converts. His major vision is to get the numerous idol worshippers in his area to repent and turn to the Lord. He doubles as a nurse and evangelist, which has helped him witness to patients who sought medical treatment. His work as nurse and pastor has led to decreased idol worship in some villages, which has led to stiff opposition from them. However, he remains focused with the Lord as his power.

The following is Ernest's recent report from the mission field in November/December. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Two things to thank God for in the family:

1. I thank God for granting me travelling mercies to the Western region and back safely.

2. I also thank God for giving my family life and sustenance through to December.

Two things to pray for in the family:

1. Two members of the Church were decorated to the office of Ushering.

2. Thank God for sustaining members with good health and unmeasured blessings.

Two things to thank God for in the ministry:

1. I request prayer for my insurance case to speed up, and the truth should prevail.

2. I pray that God should protect my family with good health and well wishes to January 2019.

Two things to pray for in the ministry:

1. The Church prays for financial breakthrough to enable her to continue with the chapel cementing project.

2. The Church is also praying and planning for successful Christmas festivities.


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