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UIndy Team Visits Ghana

Wisdom Nyador is the member care coordinator and communications director for GCM in Ghana, Africa.

An 11-member team from the University of Indianapolis under the leadership of Dr. Jodie Farise arrived in Ghana on the May 8. Upon arrival, they headed straight to Kasoa. They first made a trip to a school they have supported in providing funds to build three classrooms.

The classrooms were commissioned and officially opened for use. Later, time was spent with some of the students to learn songs, color drawings, and play football. The next stop was Elmina in the Western Region of Ghana. After spending some time at the beach to relax, the team moved to the Elmina castle, where they were told about the history of slavery in Elmina. At the end of the day, they returned to Accra. On Saturday the 11th, the team visited Pastor Sampson Dorkunor at the Precious Kids Academy (another school they have supposed over the years) to celebrate his birthday.

On Sunday, the team worshipped in the Volta Region. This was a whole new experience for them as the service was totally different from what they were used to. This ranged from congregational prayer, singing with dancing and clapping of hands, and being giving the opportunity to preach.

Unfortunately, the trip to visit the Akplale clinic was interrupted by heavy rains all day. However, all hope was not lost as the nurses and staff of the clinic went through the rain to come to the team for some interactions. Later on their visits, they visited the Akossombo Dam and a natural reserve park.

On Wednesday, they flew to Tamale, where they visited the Mole game park and also saw two Fame clinics in Makango and Kumdi, both in the Northern Region. Although Jodie became sick and was admitted, she quickly recovered and joined the team by God’s grace after spending one night at the hospital.


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