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Unity from the Field in Ghana

Unity of the Brethren

1 John 1:7

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.”

One encouragement God gives us is to have fellowship with one another. Many blessings overflow within and out of this fellowship. We are purified and prepared for God’s perfect will to be manifested. This is what we (Enoch, Lydia, and Wisdom) have received from our summer visit with you, our cherished partners, in the United States.

We truly appreciate the love shared with us, meals we ate together, the homes we stayed in, the gift we received and above all, the prayers and encouragement given us. May God Bless you all.

As we rejoice in this fellowship, we can only think of the many tribes and languages that are waiting for us to come to them and share Christ’s love with them. We pray for God’s leading to mobilize prayers, partners, and resources to reach out to them.

Prayer needs

· Thank God for safe travels for Enoch, Lydia and Wisdom

· Thank God for the over 6,000 people treated at the clinics in the month of July

· Pray for funds to replace our 10-year-old truck which has made over 400,000 Km run (about 250,000 miles)

· Pray for souls that were baptized to remain firm in the Lord and become faithful disciples

Ps. Kingsley Nyindam

We praise God for the July, for his provisions and protection for my family and the ministry, at large. No baptisms were recorded, however a lot of exciting things are happening in the ministry. We recorded a wedding and one naming ceremony of a new baby in the Tatindo Assembly.

The most exciting one is the church building project being undertaken by the Moatong Assembly. The membership of this church has overgrown their old chapel, so we are embarking on a new and a more spacious church building to accommodate the growing membership.

We need prayers and support to complete this all-important project which is at the lintel level.

Pastor Addae

Thanks be to God for watching over us through the month of July 2022.

I thank God for my entire family and for safe travels through the month of July.

In all, we are still asking for prayers to have protection and good health for my family and God’s guidance. September 5 will be Mary's review for which we would have to travel from Salaga to Kumasi. Please pray that the doctors will see improvement in her condition.

God is so good to us, all the leaders of the churches are doing well in the Lord.

Pastor Felix Nsejamese


· We are so grateful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the great things he has done.

· Two souls have been baptized; glory be to God for the souls and thank God for the two naming ceremonies in the church.

Church planting

We started a church at Agbajokura in July and we and we have been meeting in sister Charity Punala's house.

Prayer Requests

a. Pray for the souls for them to grow in Christ Jesus.

b. Pray for the church to grow to become a mega church.

C. Pray for me to get a video projector for evangelism.

d. Prayer support for my daughter's nursing training forms; for her to be called for interview and for her to pass the interview and start nursing school.

Pastor Sampson Darko

God stood by His churches in the Akyode area. Binabrim Church and Gyato Kuraa Church were under the attack from idol worshippers.

Please we need your fervent prayers that God will sustain His Church. We also need prayers for my family’s health. Pray for our oncoming Youth Camp from August 17-20 that God will save lost souls for His Kingdom. The attached are pictures from the Gyatokuraa Church.

Pastor Mathew Nwedo

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord because he's trusted me and given me the work of serving Him. He gives me strength, peace, and the gift of life.

Prayer Request

1. Praying for strength

2. Praying that the power of God will break the mind and heart of the Chakali people to understand and accept His Word.

Pastor Paul Tevi

We are grateful to our Creator for the month of July.

We recorded 1 naming ceremony in the church.

Church's activities are ongoing as usual.

We continue to trust the Lord for His grace in the coming months.

Bismark Kassata

I bring you greetings from Brewaniase Ntrubo in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May His grace and mercy be with us all.

In July, the church was hit with a very bad news about the death of one of our youth on his way to pick up one of his passengers in a nearby community. He fell and broke his neck.

He left behind 2 wives and 6 children, the youngest of which is just 3 weeks old. We buried him on the July 12, 2022. He was only 30.

By his grace church is doing well. We are currently taking 4 of the members through discipleship so they can start leading activities in the churches.

We request you to kindly pray for them to be committed to the work. We request you to pray for me and my family as we prepare towards the district Youth Camp.

We also pray God's blessings on our partners for how much they care for the work of God. May God bless you beyond measure.

Pastor Ernest Nyador

I thank God very much for all provisions given us in July.

He protected my family and ministry from the devourer.

Normal church activities are progressing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

God blessed us with two new converts.

Evangelism is being intensified.

We request for His leadership in August.

Pastor Prince Yevu

I am here with thanks and praises to the Almighty God for his protection and his good plans for his church. He said “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against” His church.

I thank God Almighty for the entire church for how far he has brought us.

We are able to complete our non-denominational youth and children Bible training for six weeks which involved Muslims and SDA children and the youth.

The graduation ceremony was done on July 31 2022; here are some pictures.

I thank God for my family and the way God is taking care of us in our difficult moments.

Our church building is still under construction and we hope to complete it.

Ps Daniel Liwamor

July has ended in peace, but not well with us because of the climate change. 99% of my church members are farmers and the lack of rain these past two months has affected their farms.

All of our maize farms have been destroyed. Mine is 4 acres and the whole field is dried up. I visited some few members’ farms too and the story is the same.

We need your prayer support for God’s intervention for the rains to come.

There will be a revival program at Bombari from September 8-10, 2022 soo pray with us for a successful program.

Here are some pictures of the maize farms.

Ps. Joshua Lodo

Glory be to God for his loving kindness over us and our families.

The month of July was a busy month for us and all the natives of the communities who have been busy with farming activities. There has been strange draught that has withered some of our crops in the space of 3 weeks.

On July 1, my associate, Matthew I met with the Paramount Chief of the Chakali Traditional Area and some of his sub-chiefs and elders at his palace for our Discovery Bible Studies and monthly devotion. The Lord has been good and the response has been impressive as several questions were asked and contributions made.


  1. For healing my brother and I from malaria

Prayer Request

  1. For strength and wisdom to cope

  2. For the Paramount Chief, sub-chiefs and his Elders to be convicted by the Gospel.

Pastor David Addy Akpesey

Thank and praise God for a very successful marriage ceremony between our daughter, Linda Sena Akpesey and Mr Christopher Senyo Abety on Saturday, 16th of July, 2022. The marriage ceremony took place at Awutu Papaase. There was a Thanksgiving service on Sunday 17th July which was attended by parents, relatives, families, friends and colleagues as well as church members of the new couple.

Pray for the total healing and recovery of Mr. Peter Ametefe who was sick and still recovering and regaining his strength.

Pastor Sam Dzobo

Calvary greetings from the churches in Borae. We thank God almighty for his love, mercies, and protection over all the members in the district. Through the interventions of God the following activities were successful.

1. Projects

The local church at Mala embarked on building a new chapel because the old pavilion raised has been destroyed by the wind; the local church contributed to the building up to the roofing stage. By the grace of God the roofing was successful and has reached the plastering and finishing stage.

2. Chenderi Mission house: the district of Borae, has a church at Chenderi which is the District capital in the newly created district named Krachi Nchumburu District. The elders planned of putting up a mission house for the associate pastor there named Pastor Lazarus Lengi and by the grace of God, initial funds were raised in the district and the building has reached the roofing stage. However, the project is on hold for now, due to inadequate funds.

Prayer Request

· We need your prayers that the Mala Assembly Church building project would be brought to completion.

· And that hearts of men will be touched to bring the mission house projects raised in Chenderi will be brought to completion.

Ps. Jonathan Sapeh

I thank God Almighty for his love to us this month.

The churches are doing well even though there was no baptism made.

I visited the Kpandai church and encouraged the member to be strong in the Lord. I also visited some of our old ladies who are too weak physically to attend church services on Sundays at Kumdi. I prayed with them and encouraged them in the Lord.

Please pray for my wife Lydia and I. we are currently undergoing some challenges with you marriage and need your prayer support to overcome all the challenges in these crucial and difficult times.

Ps. Eric Nyador

Glory be to God for always coming through for us. Though there was no baptism during the period, serious evangelism was done and is still ongoing. Both the church building and the fence wall rehabilitation are ongoing steadily.

Prayer Request

1. Join us to pray for new converts

2. Good health for all our members

3. Peace for the world and economic breakthrough for our country, Ghana

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Sep 10, 2022

Glory to God for the great works taking place across Ghana and the world. May His name be praised forever!

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