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Update From Chakali

By Joshua Lodo

Greetings from Joshua, church planter committed to serve among the Chakali People Group.

Glory and honor be to God our Father for His lovingkindness and for preserving my life throughout the months of January to May.

Staying at home has given me the opportunity of spending some time in fasting and prayers, sharing the word of God, and praying for some few individuals from the community who come over to the mission house for counseling and with their prayer requests.

Besides, many of the schoolchildren who are acquainted with me in the community also do come almost every day to spend the whole day with me at the mission house, since they have got nothing going at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I seize this beautiful opportunity to share the word of Jesus Christ with them.

Moreover, I have been working on the mission land by ploughing a portion of it for groundnut farm and maize this year again. This has also kept me busy and driving away animal predators like goats, sheep, and cattle from destroying the crops.

Moreover, I am also working on the writing of the Chakali language, putting up words and short sentences together and reading.


  • For His blessings and protection.


  • For God’s protection against the outbreak of the COVID-19.

  • For God to open up the hearts of the Muslims especially, their children to His word.

  • For financial support to develop a playing ground for the children and the youth of the community.

Thank you.

Your servant,



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