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Update From Ernest Nyador

By Ernest Nyador

I am incredibly grateful to God for protecting my family and me during this COVID-19 pandemic era.

I also thank God for protecting the Church and her members safe up-to-date.

The Church is also thankful to God for His many blessings on members. Despite the pandemic, some few members meet every Sunday to pray for the Church, members, the nation, and many more.

A soul was won for Christ to the glory of God!

Praying for God's favor for my family to be safe from this COVID-19 virus, and many other unforeseen conditions.

I am also requesting prayers for my Church and the members for safety.

The Church is also praying fervently to God for this pandemic to end.

The Church continues to meet and pray for the members to be sustained.

We intensify on evangelism for more souls.

We continue to pray also for FAME and Mission Resource Ghana for more support.


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