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Update From Prince Yevu

By Prince Yevu

I thank God Almighty for his wonderful love through his son Jesus Christ.

I thank God for my family, although we are not in the normal time because of COVID-19. Things are not working well as it was, but His grace is still covering us.

I cannot forget the entire church members and their families. By His grace and mercy, we have not recorded any calamity from any of the branches. All the branches have resumed church service at their various centers, excluding Madame KROBO. We have some challenges about place of worship and were told to vacate the place, because of government directives not to worship in classrooms due to the COVID-19 spread.

We have acquired face masks, Veronica bucket, soap tissue, and other related protocols. We have also disinfected to help us at least worship under a tree.

This has made it necessary for us to procure our own place of worship starting with a piece of land at the cost of $1,000. Please pray and support us as we embark on this journey.


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