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Update on Kumdi Churches, Prayer Needs

Jonathan Sapeh and his family have been on the mission field working with FAME Ghana since 1992, and he has served as a cross-cultural evangelist at Kumdi, among the Nchumburung and Konkomba people in the Northern region of Ghana. He faces major challenges of a high illiteracy rate and idol worshipping among the people in his area.

The following is Jonathan's report from the mission field in September/October. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Thank God for my family and the churches in Kumdi area. Thank God for one soul who was baptized at Kofido. I visited the churches at Kpandai, Kofido, and Kumdi, strengthening each other in the Lord. There was a Fund Raising at Tadando. Kumdi Area held leaders meeting at Kumdi to finalize our 2018 Christmas convention date and venue. Date: December 20 to 23 at Kojoboni.


(1) For good health for my family and the churches and for my immediate sister, Josephine. She has been diagnosed that one of her kidneys got rotten and part of her heart swollen up. We therefore Need spiritual and financial help for her medical bills which is alarming.

(2) For Kofido Christian Church to get a permanent meeting place which will not be disrupted by the rains anytime they meet for church service, because they meet under a mango tree.


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