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Walk Through the Bible Seminar

By GCM Staff

We write this report with special gratitude to Bring Good News International for their financial grant which facilitated the Walk Through the Bible (WTTB) seminar at Nkwanta and Tema for a total of 140 participants.

As planned, both in Nkwanta and Tema, participants journeyed a day before the training and left the day after. The Nkwanta seminar took place August 27-29 and the Tema seminar took place September 11-13.

After a short devotion, Pastor Philip Tutu and his colleague Deborah facilitated the training for 8 hours. Although it was such a long day for most people, the interactive training virtually glued everyone to their seats. Two main topics were taught: The Vision of the Leader based on the book of Nehemiah, and an Old Testament survey accompanied by 40 hand gestures choreographed to help all participants to remember.

While some participants travelled only a few kilometers, others had to travel over 500 kilometers [310 miles] to attend the training.

We say a big thank you to Bring Good News International and its partners for granting us the opportunity to have this training. We strongly believe that this is an impact training as it serves as a refreshing course for some participants and an all-new course for others. The Vision of the Leader will help them to reshape their vision as evangelists and guide to achieving those visions all in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Please find below short messages from some participants:

Ernest from Akplale

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the donors of Walk Through the Bible Seminar. Thank you very much for providing lodging, food, transport, and much more.

The seminar was well-organized.

It was a message full of motivation and encouragement. It challenged me to do more and rededicate my life to Him.

May God bless our donors, organizers, and the speakers as well.

Thank you.

Felix Nsejamesi

Walk Through the Bible Seminar

I want to say thank you for organizing the seminar at Nkwanta for church leaders and Pastor.

This is one of the powerful seminars I have ever attended.

The seminar has helped us who have not been highly educated to memorize the events that happened in the Old Testament by using their hands.

We are so grateful to our sponsors. Thank you. May the good Lord richly bless you, in Jesus’ name.


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