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Water For Life

By GCM Staff

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

John 14:14-15

Water from the beginning of time has been very important. In our physical daily use such us cleaning, cooking, drinking, and washing, water has remained essential. None of these is doable without water. In our spiritual journey too, water remains essential as Jesus says (water) baptism is necessary to fulfill all righteousness. To top it all is Jesus’ offer in John 4:14. A drink to eternally quench thirst.

GCM in its holistic ministry has provided over 50 wells just as Jesus provides water. We still desire to provide more and are happy to share the story of the mechanized well (about $4,000) this year for our new Unreached Peoples Outreach amongst the Chakali in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The well is not only a source of water for our church planter, but also for his surrounding neighbors. If not for this water and other similar ones we have drilled over the years, many would have to walk about 10 miles just for 2–5 gallons of water. In the dry season, young girls queue all day just to have their turn for water at isolated community wells. Indeed, this shows how essential water is to humans.

This is why in this newsletter we take a moment to appreciate all who have supported any well project. If only you knew how many lives have been saved! However, we still ask for more partners to come on board in providing water for many communities that are in dying need of water as we approach the dry season.

Below is a word from our church planter in the Upper West:

“The water has been a great blessing to them. Because now, the wives and children of the Fulani (nomadic) do not have to walk a couple of miles away from their settlement to have access to water from a borehole, stream, or a hand-dug well in the bush somewhere. This water presents me the opportunity to share the Gospel with them just as Christ did at the well in Samaria (Sychar). Below are photos of the Fulani women, children, and their husband. They are my neighbors who are benefitting from the Chakali Mission borehole.”

Nyadors Safely at Home

Lydia and I thank all who hosted us in homes, churches, and offices during our 2019 fall trip. It was highly inspiring and refreshing to see many of you also at ICOM in Kansas City. We are back in Ghana. The funeral for my brother-in-law went well on Saturday, November 23. May we all continue to serve the Lord with all our hearts, minds, and souls everyday wherever we are.

What Else Is Happening in Ghana?

Every month, GCM staff send in updates about their lives and their ministries on the ground in Ghana. They share many exciting things to praise God for, but they also tell of the many challenges that our brothers and sisters in Christ face every day. Please read the monthly reports and join us in prayer. Who knows? Maybe you can help be part of the answer to our prayers! This month’s reports are now available at


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