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Chakali Outreach Update #2

Updated: May 11, 2018

Greetings from Bulenga.

The month of April has been very much intensive and progressive for us on the building project here, despite various challenges. We cleared the area for the building, engaged the house builders and laborers, and joined in digging the foundation.

Now, construction is progressively ongoing, as you can see from the photographs attached. We have been tirelessly working so hard in this project together with the builders to facilitate its completion before heavy seasonal rains begin.

Meanwhile, we have also started studying the Chakali language little-by-little as we interact with the natives. We are also getting acquainted with some of the people to establish friendships and mutual relationships for the development of the ministry.

We have been having morning devotions, re-examining the Scriptures and praying fervently.

Prayer Requests:

1. Thanksgiving to God and all donors for donations designated to the Chakali People Group Project so far.

2. Prayer for all needed financial and human resources as we press on.

3. Prayer for stable health for our parents back home.

4. Prayer for our future wives. Joshua is 33 and Godfred 24.

--Joshua Lodo and Godfred Mussah Yahaya

Photo 1: Building of house in progress

Photo 2: Joshua and Godfred working on construction

Photo 3: Godfred and Joshua with Chakali community leader

Photo 4: Godfred and Joshua by house being built in Bulenga

Photo 5: Foundation of house being dug

Photo 6: Trees had to be uprooted as part of construction

Photo 7: The men laid the cement blocks for the wall

Photo 8: Mortar being mixed

Photo 9: More mortar work


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